Although the built environment we live in has a very important effect on us, we are not often aware of this situation. However, the place; it can be seen as both the result and the reason of everything that humanity has accumulated throughout history, in other words, civilizations in an interactive way.

Housing, on the other hand, is unique and belonging to "Family", which is the basic component of society and one of the most special and valuable subjects of architectural art. This place where a great part of our lives passes, creates funds for our joys, sorrows, sharing, support, struggle, but most of all our hopes and we would like to add “BILKENT NAZENDE” among other names of this place like HOUSE, HOUSING, SHELTER, HOUSEHOLD, RESIDENCE, ROOF.

We leaned on values that could not be expressed by sizes, such as numbers 6 1, 5 1, 4 1, or area measurements like 150, 200, 300 square meters. We presents you result of 3,5 year team effort consisting of 40 experts, architects, engineers.

In order to evaluate “BILKENT NAZENDE”, we need different dynamics, life itself and permanent as well as daily thoughts, besides area measurements. That’s why we never compromised functionality, durability and aesthetic while designing this project. We gave priority to sunlight in your life spaces, openness of your horizons, the presence of soil, water and green. We dreamed of: Your walks on the sunny mornings, Your evening conversations by the water, Safe areas, cycling and jogging paths where children can freely spend time without fear of vehicles, Your possibility to visit your neighbor or the social facility that is planned with every detail for you without going out even in the coldest and snowy days of winter, Your possibility to host your friends in the cinema and event rooms. We wished that your home and your landscape give you peace and plans of these apartments give you an easy and comfortable life. We wish that our project will be place where you and your family live happily ever after.

Therefore BILKENT NAZENDE is your world.

We would like to thank all our colleagues, ACE Architecture and Özdihan Gökçe Architecture project teams who contributed to the realization of the project. We present our endless gratitude to Mr. Faruk Koca and Mr. Mahmut Arslan, whom we share the same dream with, who give us the opportunity to work on this beautiful project and who we receive strength and support at every stage from.

Orçun ERSAN - Özdihan GÖKÇE


We think that beauties, refinement, elegance and quality are hidden in the details. In the design process of the project, we wanted every space that you would contact in your home and project to have delicately thoughtful functional and aesthetic details. We have interpreted the visual and tactile experience of the space within the framework of a unique quality understanding without sacrificing the dynamics of human perception and the basic principles of design. In line with the current design approach and trends, the material, color and texture choices used are planned to make you feel the comfort and safety of the home. We hope that the interior design, which will complement your beautiful moments, will make your world unique.

ACE Architecture Team


While making design decisions for Bilkent Nazende; Ankara's climate and accordingly the local user's lifestyle was taken into consideration. Plant types suitable for climate have been selected. While planning the vegetation of the project, it was considered to create a green grove at the border of the residential plot, to design the building entrances and the central courtyard in an aesthetic and inviting texture, to use of plant's natural and visual effect during vehicle and pedestrian mobility.

Natural texture, which is concentrated much above the usual dimensions both horizontally and vertically, has been brought to the fore and has become an integral part of 'green' structures in this context. The squares created for each residential island in order to increase the opportunities of “socialization by interacting” have been the determining elements of the landscape.

Calmness, designed in the inner courtyard and created with a pond; was made into an interaction tool for all users with a wooden bridge. While there are sports fields, basketball court and fitness area in the south east of the project, children's playgrounds and shadow elements are designed in the east of the area. Thus, places to serve all age profiles have been created.

In the landscape design, not only the layout strategies of the buildings but also their spatial and mass compositions are taken into consideration. A brand new life has been established with herbal compositions considering the balances in the aesthetic and hierarchical relationships between the body-leaf visual effect, highlights, color, texture and smell in seasonal transitions, which allows it to appeal to every homeowner equally.